Would you like a Tarot reading?

I offer Tarot readings by phone or by email.  I am a Tarot Reader who uses the cards to clarify situations, discover more information and make decisions.  Some Tarot readers are psychic, some are intuitive, I am intuitive.  
I have been reading cards for years, I have taught others how to use Tarot and I use it often for myself.   
Tarot can offer insights beyond the restrictions of everyday thinking and help you gain a new perspective on your life.
I am happy to answer your questions concerning a reading and help you to select the best style of reading to suit your question. 

Payment is through PayPal, please contact me first before making any payment.
Just email me at bacb101@gmail.com


Reading by phone. 
This allows interaction and explanations during the reading and is also a lot of fun.
$40/half an hour

Phone Reading

Readings by email: 
These readings included detailed information and pictures of the cards as well as a diagram of the spread so that you can visualize or even re-create the spread.  Response within 48 hours, I try to get them out immediately.
Email at bacb101@gmail.com

I offer several different readings by email: 

Quick answer to a single question.
This is a three card spread for quick answers.

Spirit Guide or Angel spread. 
This spread will tell you what your spirit guides or angels would like you to know. 
You can ask a question or just ask what they want to tell you. 

Make a decision.
This is an excellent spread for helping you find out all the information to choose between two or more options.  

Full spread.  
This is a 9+ card  Celtic Cross spread to delve in depth into a problem or situation.

Email Readings (choose one)