Sunday, March 15, 2009

my divination tools

My personal divination tools are Tarot and the pendulum. I seem to have acquired a small collection of Tarot decks, but the one that I use is the Mystic Dreamer Tarot.
I also have a beautiful banded agate pendulum, but though I carry it with me, I don't use it often enough to be very good with it.
I will be starting an astrology class next week. Some other forms of divination that I am interested in learning about are Runes, Scrying and Feng Shui. I have always been drawn to the runes, but haven't had time to study them. Feng Shui was the buzzword in decorating a few years ago so I have probably picked up erroneous information about that. Scrying doesn't appeal to me personally, but I want to learn a little more about it before making any decision.
Forms of divination that involve studying the innards of animals will not be discussed here. If you are interested I'm sure there is someone out there in the ether to tell you about it.
Almost anything else is not out of play.

I would love to post pictures of your favorite divination tools. Send photos to

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  1. As I said on your other blog: I have a pendulum, cyrstal ball, Tea cup specially made for tea readings, tarot cards, other divination cards. I scrying mirror for magic. Then I dabble in weather, animal and dream divination/symbols/supersitions.

    I'll gather some photos over the weekend and have them emailed on sun/mon ^^