Sunday, April 19, 2009

Astrology 101

My astrology class meets every Monday for almost 3 hours. During each class I am befuddled, bemused, annoyed and confused. But as we wind our way through the evening, the class of the week before seems to fall into place.
Partly this seems to be caused by having a week to let the information seep into my brain cells and partly I think it is because each class builds on the class before so last week's class becomes the link to the non-comprehension of this week's class.

We are learning to draw a chart. Not with a computer, but by hand. Making little squiggles that turn out to be the wrong squiggle for the house or sign or planet; counting little marks on the circle, rotating the circle so that it makes sense. I did not even know that an astrology chart is written on concentric circles. I did not know that moving your sun sign into a different house influences the sun sign. I did not know that your moon and your ascendant both have powerful influences on the sun sign.

See how much I have learned? When I get some portion of this clear enough to write down and be sure that I am not leading you astray I will share what I am learning.

I did find out that I was right about Scorpio all along...

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