Sunday, June 28, 2009

help me out with this reading....

I did a reading for myself last night and I am confused by it. It was a 12 card spread.

3 cards for the past and one for the outcome. 3 cards for the present and one for the outcome and 3 cards for the future and one for the outcome. The questions were about job/career path.

The cards for the past made perfect sense and reflected my attitude and actions toward my first career path. The cards for the present also made sense and reflected my feeling of overload and reinforced that I need to make some decisions and not just keep on keeping on.

The future cards made no sense to me. The cards were The Sun, Strength and 4 of Swords.
That's all fine and indicated to me that happiness or success is tied to understanding my strengths and weaknesses and solving problems without necessarily confronting everything head on. Short version, lots of interesting stuff here.

The outcome is 10 of Swords.....?????
This I do not get at all. The cards are positive, but the outcome is negative? I know there are a lot of possible meaning for the 10 of Swords, but the most positive spin I can put on it is being stuck in a sense of the over dramatic, it goes downhill from there.
Any thoughts on this? What am I missing?


  1. I would interpret the 10 of Swords in this context as: Go for it, because the only way is Up, Up, UP!!! Rise again!

  2. I use this site a lot:

  3. As a ten card, this could indicate completion - perhaps the end of the mental (sword) anguish that has been your companion through this.

  4. I am in no way trained to read the cards, but when I saw the image of the 10 of swords my first thought/ immediate impression was 'exhaustion' and then I read "solving everything head on" in the 'future cards' segment and it seemed to make sense to me.