Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Death Card

The Death card rarely speaks of physical death, but we experience many forms of death in our lives and they have similarities.  The young girl and Death are on an island, signifying the isolation that we can feel at a death.  On the other hand a white rose for hope and a joyful ghost seem to be showing the joyful side of this experience.  The end of a job, a project, a relationship or a way of doing things can all create feelings of isolation and some sadness.  Even a good change, the death of a bad relationship for example, can still provoke unsettling feelings.  While we want to celebrate, our nature is uncertain about what follows change.  The Death card may be telling you that a change is coming in your life, the end of something.  Or it may be telling you to reflect on a recent ending and know that your feelings of unease are temporary and will move onto the new, like the rose, the ghost and the hint of sunlight.

(Mystic Dreamer Tarot)

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