Monday, September 26, 2011

3 Card Draw

Starting Monday morning with a 3 card draw - Mind, Body, Spirit.

Mind - Knight of Swords.  This Knight is focused, intense and determined.  That rush of energy that accompanies a new project is the energy of the Knight of Swords.  While you can't go wrong with this kind of determination, it can also have tunnel vision or be blind to problems and obstacles.  Use the focus and the energy, but be aware of other things along side of the chosen path.

Body - Strength.  Not only physical strength, but strength of character is the message of the Strength card.  Determination and focus, like the Knight of Swords, but tempered with wisdom, compassion and the ability to be strong without having to prove it.  A healthy mind in a healthy body is the ultimate balance to carry through our lives.

Spirit - King of Pentacles.  This King embodies security and success, not only on the physical plane but also through his willingness to teach, share and motivate others.   Confidence comes from success without and without and is portrayed in a freedom and generosity of spirit.

This reading seems to be all about a successful new project, job, activity.  The enthusiasm for success is here in plenty, the wisdom to not rush off helter skelter and the patience of balance and a generous spirit of success.

Have a great week.

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