Wednesday, April 1, 2009

sobeit999's tarot decks

Here are the round cards of the two decks that sobeit999 talked about in a comment.

This is from the Daughters of the Moon deck...

These are from the Motherpeace deck...

Neither of these is a Rider Waite clone. They are both very interesting. I would like to see a reading done with these.

Angela, you mentioned that you have a deck with no illustrations for the minor arcana.
I really recommend that you try a Rider Waite clone with illustrations that appeal to you. Personally, I can't get anything from a picture of 9 swords. At least nothing different from 8 or 7 or 6 Swords. The pictures tell a story that you interpret for information.

I sometimes have trouble with decks that are not Rider Waite clones, even Sacred Circle, which is now one of my favorites, was difficult for a while because it wanders from that format a little.
But, in my opinion, the most important thing are illustrations that fire your imagination.

Try Aeclectic Tarot for illustrations of hundreds of decks and some very good descriptions and reviews that might help you select a better deck.

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  1. Hi Celestite, nice blog! The first tarot deck that I ever saw 20 years ago was Daughters of the Moon and it fascinated me. I learned to read tarot shortly thereafter using the Motherpeace deck. Both decks are fabulous for women on the Goddess path. Thanks for featuring them -- it has brought back good memories for me of my "early tarot days."