Friday, March 27, 2009

oracle decks

My lone, lonely oracle deck is the Druid Animal Oracle. I love it.
Do you have an oracle deck? More than one? Do you prefer oracle decks over tarot decks?
I don't do spreads with this oracle deck, I draw one card at a time to explore a problem or get an answer to a question. How do you use yours?


  1. I've never used Oracle decks, unsure of how to interpret them, I believe they are all different? I like the Tarot as they are universal, and you could use pretty much any Tarot book to interpret them.

    I often draw out one Tarot card to have on my altar, asking for something I should be focusing on at that time. If I want an answer to a question, then I will usually do a 3 card spread, and pick one of those cards to then go on my altar - the thing I most need to focus on now. And I have done the Celtic Cross spread for a more in depth question, and a much more in depth answer. I really do like reading the Tarot!

  2. Well the Dorren fairy cards and Goddess cards are orcal decks and I do the simple past present and future layout (three in row)

    with my Titania fortune cards (oracal) I go a 9 or 7 card spread depending on question and how deep the answer I require.


  3. I have this oracle deck. I also enjoy the Druid Plant Oracle by the same people. The Carr-Gomms really know their stuff and Will Worthington's art is just yummy, so evocative, so symbol rich.