Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Hermit, again!

I usually draw a single card for myself while I am having my first cup of coffee.  Sometimes I have a specific question, but at that hour my question is more likely to be something like 'tell me about today.'
Sometimes I post this card in this blog to share.  Sometimes I find that this card sends me to another that I want to share here.
In the last two weeks The Hermit card has come up three times in two different decks.  What do you think about a recurring card?
Here are some of the Hermit cards from some of my decks.  What message is being repeated?

Rider Waite Tarot

Gilded Tarot

Llewellyn Tarot

Sacred Circle Tarot

Tarot of a Moon Garden

Witches Tarot
Tarot of a Magical Forest

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